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Why This Template?

Don't GitHub & Stack Overflow Already Exist?

While there are several version control and issue tracking apps readily available, they're not as useful for tracking the personal knowledge gained from solving those issues.

This database is intended to provide insight for future reference, when trying to remember how you solved "that one weird bug" last month, that used the same tool, language, framework, etc. 🐞.

<aside> ℹī¸ Note: This database is intended to fit into a larger system (Thanks @August Bradley!), with links to a Projects database and a Knowledge (Master Tag) database, but can also be used as a standalone source of information.



Issue/Bug Tracker

(Go here 👆 then click Duplicate to copy it to your workspace)

How to Use

Database Setup

  1. Duplicate the Issue/Bug Tracker page to your workspace

  2. Add a new issue, and fill in fields

    [Optional Fields]

<aside> 👉 Feature: If the issue has not been viewed in 5 or more days, "Needs Review" will be checked


Page Templates

Create New Page

  1. Use the Issue/Bug Template page to fill out and track information